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Posted: May 06 2021

Fortify+ FREE class



boysdancetoo. USA boysdancetoo. USA are running a whole series of incredible online classes, including ballet, strengthening, stretching and more!

Reviews include:

“Our ballet master has told us that our son has improved more this year than any other year.” 

“This has transformed my body.”

“I have fixed major mistakes that have plagued me for years.” 

“What you guys have provided has been more beneficial than any other program I've been to…” 


The classes run on Eastern Standard Time but they also have some at weekends so hopefully us Europeans can join at least some of the classes! To see the full timetable and sign-up click here.

Please be aware that by clicking any links in this blog you will navigate away from the boysdancetooUK website.



boysdancetoo. USA also run a FREE class on Wednesdays called Fortify+ ​. This is a no-nonsense 3-dimensional performance accelerating class designed to increase power and endurance, create sharp musculature, deepen sense of self, and restore the body. It also includes anatomic vocabulary and precision postural corrections. The class is not just a bunch of push ups and sit ups! It’s creative, intelligent, body conditioning with an emphasis on mental readiness, confidence, discipline, self love, and then some.

The class is team-taught by Michael and Sarah, who are the owners of boysdancetoo. USA. They have been athletic, dance, gymnastics, Pilates & yoga trainers for a combined 30+ years. They have also been studying somatic experience methods that have propelled their mental and physical abilities and are packaging it all up into one class for guys serious about accelerating their skills and physiques. 

All Fortify+ classes are available on YouTube any time to catch-up or repeat as necessary.

Age Recommended: 12 and up.

Level: Dance / Athletics 5+ hours a week for 1+ years.

Who: Male Dancers any genre

Class length: Approximately 1.5hrs

Sign up at: https://boysdancetoo.punchpass.com



For a taster, here's the first class embedded below. Enjoy!

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