What DO boys wear for ballet?

Posted: Jul 10 2020

What DO boys wear for ballet?

What on Earth is a DANCE BELT?

Is it the same as a jock strap? And when should a male dancer start wearing one?


Let’s tackle the tricky-one first… what is a dance belt? Well, to put it simply, it’s underwear for male dancers and it’s absolutely vital for ‘keeping things in place’ while dancing. Although it’s sometimes called a jock strap, it’s actually different to a standard jock strap that one might use for sport; a dance belt is padded for comfort and normally has a thong back so that there is clean line from the top of your leg to your foot.

  Wide waistband dance belt 

One of the questions we get asked most often by parents of male dancers is “when should he start wearing a dance belt?” And a common follow-up is that most boys are totally freaked out when they see one, because it’s a THONG! Arghhh!


… we’ve spoken to many many many male dancers and the answer is always the same: a male dancer would be mad not to wear a dance belt! Cristiano La Bozzetta, who we interviewed in our previous blog post, even suggested that a male dancer should try a class without one, and then a class with one, and they would definitely choose to wear a dance belt from there on in.

Narrow waistband dance belt


Most dance schools will have a uniform and a dance belt will form a part of this uniform. Late starters will almost certainly be told to wear one right from their first class. But what about boys who start ballet at a young age? It’s clear that a dance belt isn’t needed when they’re young, so when should they start?

According to Simon Hundley of the Phoenix Boys it’s a good idea to start as early as possible so that it becomes normal. WearMoi even make a full-seat dance belt to help boys get used to it, and they can progress onto a thong when they feel ready. Simon says that he expects all of his boys to be wearing dance belts whatever their age, and also stresses that it’s helpful when they’re around other boys who dance because it normalises it. We recognise that it can be a real challenge for boys if they are the only male dancer in their class (or school!) and it can therefore be quite scary.

Full Seat Dance Belt

Now, we'd like to introduce you to Logan.

He is due to go to White Lodge in September. Well done Logan!


Logan has a very proud dad called Bruce, and he runs an awesome website called My boy does ballet, which is all about their experiences of being a boy dancer. You can find all sorts of extra nuggets of information and entertainment on their website as well as their YouTube channel.

We'd especially like to share one of their YouTube videos with you, called What do boy ballet dancers wear?  We think you're going to enjoy this one so with their permission we've embedded it below:



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