Here at boysdancetooUK we care about being more sustainable as a business, as well as individuals.

 That's why we've teamed up with Greenr, a UK-based company who will offset the carbon footprint of your purchase by investing in carbon offsetting projects around the world.

Simply tick the Greenr box at checkout to make your £1.50 donation!



Visit Greenr here.

Please note that by clicking on a web-link you will navigate away from our website.

What else are we doing?

  • We print your order dispatch notes on recycled paper, which can be recycled all over again in your household recycling bin!
  • We also use recycled, biodegradable packing.
  • If your order is too big for a biodegradable bag then it will be packed in cardboard, which can be recycled with your household waste. Sometimes we re-use old boxes for your orders, to reduce wastage even further.
  • We never use bubble-wrap or polystyrene. If you find packing chips in your order then rest-assured they are made of potato starch and can be fully composted.
  • For any products that arrive at the warehouse unpackaged (for example, Freed sox) we wrap them in compostable bags, instead of plastic. You'll know if you receive one of these because it says so on the bag - simply pop it in your garden waste bin or compost.
  • When we ship our boysdancetoo. products over from the USA, we genuinely SHIP them, even though it takes much longer. This is because the carbon footprint is considerably lower than by air.

Can we do more?

Yes. Absolutely. As the company grows and develops we will continue to explore and implement more sustainable business practices, and we welcome any input from our customers on the subject!