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  • High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS
  • High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS
  • High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS
  • High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS


High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS

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An evolution in white tights for boys and men. Our High Opacity Stage Tights bring comfort to the body and mind of male dancers everywhere. No more doubling up on tights and dance belts to make white tights... white. Feel confident on stage with these comfortable, sturdy, structured, white tights that are not see through.

***Suspenders Not Included and we recommend getting suspenders for these because the fabric weight is slightly heavier than regular tights. ***Suspenders Not Included***

***NOT ideal for dyeing***

Want to dye your tights? Check out our Tricot Tights :)

Features and Specs

Microfibre fabric with pre-sewn buttons for optional suspender attachment.

Suspender Elastic


Click here to buy suspenders


Below is an approximate guide. If over the weight listed but meet the height listed, move up a size. More definitive chart coming soon. We recommend buying suspender elastics for these because the fabric is slightly heavier than regular tights. 

Children 5'0" - 5'3" (1m53-1m60) and under 54kg = age 14

Adults 5'1" - 5'3" (1m54-1m60) and under 54kg = adult size XS

5'3"- 5'5' (1m60-1m65) and under 64kg = Small

5'5"- 5'7" (1m65-1m70) and under 73kg = Medium

5'7"- 5'9" (1m70-1m75) and under 77kg = Large

5'10"- 6' (1m76-1m83) and under 82kg = XL

6' - 6'2" (1m83-1m88) and under 91kg = XXL


Brian wears medium high opacity tights. His measurements are:

- Height 5 ft 8 ins.

- Waist 32 ins

- Inside leg 29 ins.

12 stone 2 lbs (approx. 71kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Knowles

High Opacity Stage Tights - MENS

David Acton
A tight choice for men

These are excellent quality tights. Perfect under the bright lights of the stage. They look great on too. The only downside is they do not stretch open much, because they are much thicker. This leads to difficulty getting them over the foot, ankle and past the calves. Especially the larger the muscles. My son has just bought a second pair in a larger size and they have gone on ok. I would recommend them, just possibly go for a bigger size.


Very nice looking tights, definitely not see through but far less stretch than others, which meant the usual size we buy were too small. My son, who has quite pronounced muscles on his legs, could not get them over his calf we bought ‘large’ and our feeling was even ‘extra large’ would not work. Such a shame.

Excellent opaque tights

These tights are expensive but well worth it. They are the only brand for men that I know off that are completely opaque and look fantastic as part of a costume .
It would be great if they were available in other colours , eg pale grey , red ,blue.


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